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Melbourne, Australia

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At AKAS Landscape Architecture we specialise in creating beautiful outdoor spaces. We have an interest in both native and exotic plants, and design with them in atypical ways. We apply these plants to modern landscape principles to create functional and inviting spaces. 

We specialise in Landscape Architecture, Masterplans, Landscape Council Plans, Garden Design, Planting Schedules, Project Construction, Project Management and Outdoor Furniture Design. Please get in contact with us for further information!


The most popular drawings / services our clients require are ;

  • Concept plans
  • Masterplans
  • Council landscape plans
  • Construction drawings
  • Project visualisation 
  • Planting schedules
  • Instruction manuals ( step by step guide how to build yourself )
  • For detailed information on our design process please visit our Design Services page


If you are on this page you may have received our postcard with free sunflower seeds attached! Thank you for coming to akas.com.au for information on how to plant and care for your sunflowers.

Sunflower Planting and Care:

1. Plant in Spring to Mid-Summer in a sunny position

2. Plant 2 seeds together 1cm below the soil level

3. Space them 30cm apart if planting many

4. Water them everyday until the seedlings appear, then every 2 days from there on

5. Seedlings should appear within 10-14 days

6. They may need a bamboo stake to help them grow tall and strong!

note* it can be a good idea to germinate them in a small pot with good quality potting mix, then transfer to a larger pot or in the ground once they reach approximately 10cm tall.

Thank you and enjoy your beautiful sunflowers!

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