Design Services

1. Consultation

On the consultation we will speak with you about your ideas or vision for the space, garden styles you like, or look at images of other gardens that you admire. Don't worry if you don't have a set idea of what you want as that is why we are there!

We will have a look at the garden / site / balcony and take some measurements. We will also take you trough the garden and outline our initial impression and ideas for the space.

The first consultation is free of charge. 

Please note: You are under no obligation to continue to the design phase after a consultation.


2. Design concept

At AKAS Landscape Architecture we have a two stage design process in which we design a concept for the garden based on your brief / wants / needs / desires. Upon receiving your feedback we will refine the idea into a finished outcome. Stage One: Design Development and Stage Two: Documentation are outlined below.

Stage One: Design Development

Design Development is the design concept phase of the project. The initial concept will be derived from your project brief and our design expertise. We will also think very carefully about the site and the types of plants which will thrive in the location and environment of you property. Representation style and inclusions in Stage One are:

  • Hand drawn base plans
  • Perspective hand sketches / Photoshop Visualisation
  • Proposed plant types
  • Second consultation
  • Provision for a set of drawing amendments

On the second consultation we will take you through each design decision and the overall thinking behind the concept. Upon receiving feedback and all parties have agreed on a final design we will ask you to sign off on the design.

After sign off point we will enter Stage Two: Documentation

Stage Two: Documentation

Documentation refers to the Masterplan document which will be produced for the project to undergo construction. This document takes the form of a finished site plan clearly showing the design. It is to scale, and allows for the quoting of the job. The Masterplan outlines any design attribute as shown in the concept such as;

  • Detailed planting scheme (species location, type, amounts)
  • Garden bed / Edging locations
  • Pathways
  • Surface materiality
  • Locations of structures / design attributes
  • Detailed materiality, sizing and measurements

Once this document is produced we can continue onto the Construction phase of the project.



We will organise a meeting with our subcontractor and take them through our Masterplan on site, from this meeting the project will be quoted for construction. You will receive an itemised quote in which you will clearly be able to see how much each design element is costing. We will project manage all aspects of the construction including project timing, deliveries, third party suppliers (for example if we were having planter boxes built off site) etc.

We also take pride at AKAS Landscape Architecture in sourcing and planting the vegetation ourselves. It is a part of the job we absolutely love! Collectively we have over 23 years experience in working in Nurseries / gardening / planting vegetation. We use best planting practices, plant stock and soil additives to ensure your garden has the best possible start at life.

Design drawings / schedules

The most popular drawings / services our clients require are ;

  • Concept plans
  • Council landscape plans
  • Construction drawings
  • Project visualisation 
  • Planting schedule
  • Landscape sculpture / garden art
  • Bespoke designed planter boxes  

 Please note : we also offer specialised permaculture packages, please contact us for more information. 


If you would like us to maintain your beautiful new garden, or an existing garden we offer a gardening and maintenance package. This will give you the piece of mind knowing that we will sculpt and make changes to the garden in line with the original design vision.

Please contact us for pricing.