Garden Retreat - Northcote

In this inner city garden, our clients wanted a lush garden, with an entertaining space, lawn for the kids and multiple garden zones all within a small area. We designed the garden with the intention that all edges should function as seating, including the decking, lawn, bridge and rocks.  We achieved this by having a 450mm edge to all elements. The house had recently been renovated, with a stunning extension which included a decking along the back of the house. We connected this existing decking to out design with a bridge, which leads you to a raised lawn area. The lawn is large enough for the children to play on and also to have a picnic / lie on. The lowered area of the garden uses bluestone paving as a ground treatment, which allows for planting all throughout the space. Beautiful large mudstone rock creates an edge to the garden bed, whilst also doubling as seating. The planting palette is a mix of edibles, tropicals, natives and exotics and it plays with colour form and texture. The result is the feeling of an oasis and inner city retreat. The garden also makes the interior of the house larger, by adding a ‘garden room’ and view from the main room of the house.